Let me tell you a little about God’s Garage, God’s Garage is Sunday morning children’s church for children in grades 1st – 5th. This is a large group atmosphere, the stage is designed to appear to be the inside of a home garage including everything from the (real) car that is used for puppets and characters to the garage band, everything glows fluorescent which makes for an awesome atmosphere the kids love.
We believe that children should enjoy coming to church, we want them to attend because they want to, and not because mommy made them… We have a great time, and the kids enjoy it a lot, we minister to the children in a variety of ways; Ministry through song, Song service is really cool, we get the kids going and before long they are praising the Lord, and not worrying about anybody else. We also minister through puppets and skits, but one of the kids favorites is ministry through object lessons. This is great for kids because they learn by association. We do also have fun and games just to keep the kids excitement up, too many kids view church as a boring place, not here. God’s garage is not your typical children’s church. It’s very high energy!!! But that’s what you gotta have to keep up with the kids today.
One thing you can count on is that God’s Garage instills the Word of God into these children, and will equip them with what they need to receive the Power of Christ!

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