Welcome to the Greeter Ministry

The Greeter is responsible to ensure that every person entering the church is greeted and that visitors are offered assistance in a manner that everyone feels important and welcome.  Greeters will also be asked to serve at special events.  Our goal is to partner our visitors with people in our church who can help minister to them and help them to connect with people within the church who will pray for, meet with and love each and every Visitor.

The Greeter

  • Accountable to –                                                                                     Greeter Team Leader – Sister Alveta Frazier
  • Position is –                                                                                              Volunteer.
  • Position me be filled by –                                                                      Mature Church Member or New Growing Christian.
  • Spiritual Gifts –                                                                                        Serving & Exhorting others.
  • Talents or Abilities Desired –                                                                Comfortable talking to others. Able to give good directions regarding church facilities.
  • Best Personality Traits –                                                                       Hospitable, not shy, or is able to overcome  shyness.

Sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.

Dependable and able to express themselves.

  • Passion for –                                                                                            Making people fell welcome.
  • Length of Service Commitment –                                                         One Year minimum


Anticipated Time Commitments

  1. Doing ministry/preparing for ministry – Minimum (1) Service per week. More during special events.
  2. Participating in meetings/training for the Greeter Ministry & meetings called by pastor.  Greeter must attend all meetings of both Greeter Ministry & Pastor Training.


Responsibilities / Duties


  1. Greet members & Visitors as they enter or exit the building.
  2. Greet Visitors at the welcome center and provide information needed & requested.
  3. Direct Visitors to classes, nursery, sanctuary, bathrooms, etc.
  4. Introduce visitors to church staff & others members of approximate age and interests.
  5. Open doors for elderly or disabled. Other duties that may overlap as decided by the Pastor.

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