Nursing Home Ministry

Our Purpose

The Purpose of the “Helping Hearts” Ministry is to spiritually uplift individuals home-bound or in a permanent/temporary nursing home/rehabilitation facility due to age or health reasons. We show them the love and compassion of Jesus Christ in several ways to let them know they are not alone or forgotten.

We currently have two facilities we visit monthly as a group—the third Wednesday and third Saturday of each month both in the morning. We have an hour-long service consisting of praise and worship, Bible readings, sermons and testimonies.

We offer the opportunity for people to be saved at every service by reciting the Sinner’s Prayer, closing with the taking of Holy Communion followed by members praying with individuals one-on-one. All individuals receive a get well or encouragement card from Pastor Steve & Sister Willene at every service and receive small gifts on special occasions. Ministry members are not required to come with the group, but can also visit individuals on their own time who are either in a facility or home-bound.

Specific requirements of this ministry include: 1) to be saved; 2) ) to be faithful tithers; 3) to stand behind and support the vision of our Pastor; 4) to be a Member of the Church or are taking steps to become a member; 5) to attend all ministry meetings, and 6) to sign an annual Qualification & Duties Form.

At a minimum, you are required to visit someone at least once a month and give a report to the Nursing Home Director.