Pastors Steve & Willene Dobbs

Pastor Steve Dobbs is the senior pastor at the Paxon Revival Center. God has given Him a big vision. Under his leadership, He has just finished a new Auditorium that seats over 5,000. He and his wife Willene have been married for over 49 years. They have 4 daughters, 9 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren

Pastor Steve started preaching at the age of 18 and, has taken the gospel around the world. At last count Pastor Steve had preached over 10,000 church services, in over 50 countries around the whole World, and into many major cities in America. He has preached many tent revivals, holds Camp Meetings yearly, and does mission work. Because of the vision that God has given to Pastor Steve, churches have been started in other countries, to carry on the work of the Lord. One of his greatest desires is to see Ministers raised up to carry the Gospel around the World. Pastor Steve has been preaching for 47 years. And has many Pastors across America that calls him Pastor. He has the call of God on his life, to reach the lost, see lives restored, their bodies healed, and see them delivered as he ministers through the Word and the Gifts of the Spirit. He is truly anointed and believes in the impossible. He has met many challenges, and by faith in God, has overcome again and again. For over 40 years in he has been seen on TV weekly.